Harp Lane Deli is situated slap-bang in the middle of Ludlow in darkest south Shropshire. The name is taken from the medieval alleyway that runs along one side of our shop, once a street entirely populated by butchers.

Harp Lane Deli was established in the summer of 2014, but there has been a shop on this site since the early 1800s. We are an independent delicatessen run by people who adore good food and drink, and appreciate the finer things in life.

Some of the things you find in the Harp Lane Deli will come from nearby, some will come from afar, and some will be made by us in our kitchen above the shop. All will be fabulously tasty, and sensibly priced.

Alongside the jars, packets and bottles, we serve properly good coffee, messy hot deli sandwiches, and freshly made salads. We have a wall of cheese too. There is a little bar in the shop where you can perch and slurp, a couple of tables outside on Castle Square, and a lovely little private dining room upstairs.


Harp Lane Deli is owned by Hannah & Henry Mackley, and Lydia & Robbie Underhill, two families born and bred in the Welsh Marches. Between us we have chequered CVs, but we all have a deep-rooted love of food and this little corner of south Shropshire.

  • Henry (Director / Manager)

    Heads up the team at Harp Lane. Brought up in a foodie family (Henry’s parents co­founded the legendary Ludlow Food Festival back in the 1990s) he has trained as a chef, sold cheese at Harvey Nichols, worked in property marketing for a bit, and moved back to Shropshire from London in 2006. Allegedly he appeared on BBC’s Masterchef, but it’s a sore subject. Latterly Henry spent three years managing the delicatessen at Ludlow Food Centre. Henry writes a weekly food column for our local newspaper and is married to ­ and has two young girls with ­…

  • Hannah (Director / Deli Team)

    Is a true Ludlovian – 7th generation in fact – and her parents co­founded the Ludlow Food Festival too. Hannah’s professional background is in sales and marketing for multinational chocolate companies, but she’s also mean pastry chef, and a regular member of the HLD shop team. She also looks after our own allotment. Hannah is one half of the creative team behind Harp Lane Deli with…

  • Lydia (Director / Deli Team)

    Is a Shropshire lass too, and a graduate of the University of Arts London. Lydia’s uniquely brilliant artwork can be found throughout HLD, from our carrier bags, to the blinds, and a couple of pieces in the loo! Lydia makes immense cakes and meringues, and works in the shop a couple of days a week. Lydia has a young son and is married to…

  • Robbie (Director)

    Takes care of the accounts and all the businessy stuff (and does the washing ­up when we’re really busy). Robbie is a certified surveyor with experience in managing catering businesses and welcomes the occasional pint with Henry and…

  • Lucinda (Deli Team)